Hi, I'm Kelly, a san diego, california native who made abu dhabi home in 2018.

...and then i immediately bought a horse (and 4826 saddle pads).

I enjoy spending hours at the stables with my crazy friends, eating Doritos, laughing until I cry, and ordering horse gear online (no judgment if you do the same). 


(Who occasionally compete against one another in intro level dressage. Photo evidence upon request.)

howdy, i'm PETER

(no, it's not my real name)


I'm a free-spirit, who's always the last to leave the party (like dad), I'm terrified of mini bows and stray hairs. People LOVE to take selfies with me for some reason (I think it's the cheeks).

My favorite pastime is scratching the floors with my plastic princess high heels, eating chips, and terrorizing my sister. 

I'm Aniston. I'm a smarty pants with a very dry sense of humor and knack for all things horse riding. I can canter from a walk, and pop over a course of jumps with any pony in school.

I love my chestnut lease pony Aussie, who has only tried to take me out once. 

Meet Peter. He's a Leo, a corporate pilot, is obsessed with tattoos (ask him about his life-size Buddha when you see him), and reads about aircraft accidents 24/7 (hence mom's aversion to flying).

But his FAVE pastime is asking you ridiculously weird questions about outer space so that he can tell you ALLLLLL about it when you say you don't know. 

My grandma, Manou

She is my baguette loving, Parisian soul mate. Manou is a 99 years young.

I just can't get enough of her (or her life advice)...which I unfortunately ignored in my 20's when it came to tattoos and taking out school loans. 

Manou adores pate, the Bretagne seaside, sandwiches in Coronado, sand dollars, genuine people, kindness, and cooking for everyone who walks in her door! If ya can, send her some positive energy and pink light cause she LOVES that!  

And my biggest inspiration...


Meet our boy, San Marino Acs (Snuffaluffagus), a 17hh, 19 year-old Irish Sport horse. We pretend to do "equestrian" activities, but I mostly just pet him, and feed him snacks.

My grandma, Manou.

She is my baguette loving, Parisian soul mate. Manou is a 98 years young, classic French beauty, who's full of wisdom, and blooming with life. 

She met my grandfather in Nice, France, and after three years of endless love letters, she took the leap and moved to NYC. The rest is history! 

Manou adores pate, the Bretagne seaside, sandwich eating seagulls, sand dollars, genuine people, kindness, and cooking for everyone who walks in her door! If ya can, send her some positive energy cause she LOVES that!

And my biggest inspiration...

A Few MORE (Embarrassing) Facts

next fact


The night I met Peter, he somersaulted the dance floor in a Goth bar (totally sober). I turned to my then boyfriend and said, "Oh my GOD, I'd be so embarrassed to be his girlfriend." Eight years later...I married him. JOKE's ON ME!


I once hired a photographer (for an obscene amount of money) to photograph us where my grandparents were married in Nice, france.

I was so excited, and then discovered I went to the wrong place. Pictures still turned out cute. I'm not known for my navigational skills. 


I forced the crew to move to Lyon because I heard that they had the best croissants and macarons in the world. Thankfully, I was right (per the usual). Ask Peter.


It takes a LOT for me to love a movie. But I've watched Pride a Prejudice (helllllllo, Mr. Darcy) and Midnight in Paris at least 2,345,349 times.


I once stepped in a camel turd  during a photo session and had to act like that happens all the time. #desertlife


I fall oFf my skateboard at least once a week, usually in front of a very large group of strangers who don't know if they should laugh or call an ambulance. 


this is actually about miss brooklyn, since we're on the topic of embarrassing facts. you will not catch her in matching socks. e.v.e.r.

She may or may not get this from mom.


I'm so honored that you're considering working with me to capture the love between you and your horse. To officially reserve your date, please send a note to Kelly (, with your names, stable, ideal date and anything else I should know. I can't wait to work with you!