(It's kinda my thang.)

If you're a small business owner who needs help with website words,
I'm your gal!

so Sit back and let me take on your heart and put it on (virtual) paper.

If you're a photographer who's nailed the artistic part (let's face it, THAT is the fun side of running a photo business, amirite?), but if you're NOT so excited about the content writing part, you're in the right place!

Hey there, it's me again, Kelly...

3 steps to new copy!


You enjoy your freedom!


I work on your copy!

We chat and discover your brand voice!



Writing can be fun...

...if you pass it off to someone else. :)

I write words that convert, connect and make people laugh! Long story short, if you need help connecting with clients via content, I can teach you how, or do it for you!



My mission is to learn about you, and your heart behind what you do, and express that in a way that is uniquely you.

Educational content for clients or students. For example, "Why Style Guides Matter!" or "7 Essential Ways to Prepare for a Photo Session."

Everything and anything you need to start your business!

Your entire website in 4 weeks. 

Funny shit that connects with your ideal client.

Copy for your website or any marketing (emails, newsletters, blogs).

How can I help you?

Let's get started!


First, we become BFFs (kinda kidding), then we chat about your goals, your voice, and what you want to convey in your messaging. I do my research and learn about YOU and your business, and then I write (or help YOU write) the best content to get you noticed. 


Passionate photographers who feel like through their work, they can CHANGE. THE. WORLD.

(And spread a heck of a lot of happiness along the way!)

and learn your covert clicks into sales.

My goal is to get to know you...

Want to work together? Check out my pricing and comprehensive services page!

Frequently asked questions?

Why should I choose you?

How will I be sure to sound like myself?

I need a website and copy. Can you help?

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer payment plans?

how does payment work?

How long does a full website copy take?

My writing process is specifically made for creative small business owners just like you. When we work together, my goal is to get to know the REAL you behind your business. We'll initially via by Zoom so I can learn more about you. I will also send you a detailed questionnaire that includes questions that will get you thinking about your ideal client and messaging! 

This is where we really deep dive into YOU and YOUR business. I don't want to sound like me! I will ask you in-depth questions, stalk your social media (and your stories) on top of asking you to list out phrases that you typically use in texts to your friends. Don't worry, we'll nail down your voice

A full website, which is about 10 pages, will take roughly 4-6 weeks after we sign the contract and you answer all the questions I provide on the questionnaire!

I know that investing in professional copywriting can be a big financial step. I'm happy to split the payment into three parts.

Once we chat and decide to work together (yay!) I will send over a contract for you to look over. I require 50% due when you sign the contract, and the remaining 50% on the day I start work. 

Due to the nature of digital services, I do not offer refunds. However, I promise to make sure I do everything in my power to ensure you are happy! In all my years of writing, I haven't had anyone leave unhappy.

While I wish I were a website designer as well, I stick to what I do best, which is writing. If you need help with web design, I'm happy to refer some friends who have a knack for all things pretty!