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So I could tell you all the cliche stuff about how I'll capture genuine moments, or how the bond between you and your horse is magical, but you already know that.

Our session will be more about laughing about how many times we've almost died, or how we love to plan out the perfect color coordinated competition outfit (but when we actually THINK about a competition, we feel like we may vomit).

My goal is to get to know your horse like a person, and then be able to describe them as if they just walked into a bar. I want to take photos of THAT. Their personality, your personality, and how you work together.

So let's cut the BS. I really just want to know how many saddle pads you own, and why, despite all the crap moments you've had with your horse, all the reasons why you love them. 


Hey there, I'm Kelly, a San Diego, California native, horse survivor, and a gal who grew up on tacos and surfing at La Jolla Shores. I now call Abu Dhabi home, a place I have grown to love over the last five years. 

What I discovered through my own experience is that horse owners want photos, but we're always sweaty and covered in snot. We tend to take a random selfie...but unfortunately we sometimes end up looking like our horse. 

I don't believe in forced smiles. Let's laugh, snap that cute buck your mare will most definitely throw, and obsess over your latest saddle pad.  

I can't wait to meet you!



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350+ Sessions

10+ Years of Photography experience

8 International desitnations

5 Years teaching other photographers

8 International destination shoots

The stats.

I use an excessive amount of exclamation marks in professional emails!

Because then my in-laws would have to acknowledge photography is a real job.

I'm socially awkward because I spend 90% of my time with horses and barn cats.

Reasons not to hire me...

Black background portraits are one of my favorites to shoot. They are dramatic, timeless, and make the best fine art pieces. This image can be of your horse alone, or of you and your horse together. 

Black background portraits

These shots are of you doing what you do best, riding! I will simply take photos of you tacking up, walking your horse, training, and everything in between. 

Horse + rider sessions

These are some of the most adorable sessions! We dress up your favorite pony and dress in a magical dress, and take some glowy shots. 

It's a literal fairytale come true!

Unicorn sessions

Jumping and dressage training sessions are so fun to photograph! We will get the best action shots from close ups to you flying over jumps! 

Jumping and dressage

You can book competition coverage which includes tacking up, the warm up arena, the competition, all the way to awards! We will capture all the action and some! 

Competition coverage

If you know that your soulmate may not be here much longer, please contact me for a discounted session. I want to capture your love in a way that will carry you through loss. 

end of life sessions

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It's time you have photos + video you love just as much as your horse.


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I'm so honored that you're considering working with me to capture the love/hate relationship between you and your horse. To officially reserve your date, please send a note to Kelly ( or through my contact page (or Instagram), with your names, stable, ideal date and anything else I should know.

I'm only booking a limited number of sessions in 2023, so make sure to get on the calendar before they are all gone! 
I can't wait to work with you!